Cars Under 20K Buying Guide

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Cars Under 20K Buying Guide

Cars Under 20K Buying Guide

Shopping the used market can be tough – but, with our Cars Under $20K Buying Guide, you’ll have the advantage. We’ll help you decide which model is right for you and how to best go about finding one that’s in great condition. And, when you stop by our friendly dealership, we’ll treat you to a wide range of models in this price range. We also provide a variety of financing options, so you can drive away with the perfect used car.

What to Consider

Before you commit to any of the many cars under $20K, consider your everyday driving habits. Family-minded shoppers will crave comfort and space, making full-size sedans and crossovers a great place to start. Drivers with a need to tow and haul heavy equipment can find a variety of trucks in this price range. And, if you’re in the market to save money on fuel, you can browse hybrid and compact car options. In this budget range, you have many options to choose from–even some used luxury cars or some one-owner cars with low mileage.

The Quality Checklist

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying a used car under $20K, but here are a few of the most important things to look for. Ask your dealer if they have a vehicle history report, so you’ll know where this car has been and what it’s been doing. A lot of vehicles on used car lots have been fleet vehicles or rentals, which can work to your favor because they are often regularly serviced and taken good care of.

Of course, you’ll also want to know about maintenance history–but that’s not always possible. So keep an eye out for a few key elements. There’s an old adage: “kick the tires” and that’s not far off. Take a look at the tires with an eye toward even tread wear and overall condition. Inside the cabin, do an odor check. Strange odors, like must or mildew, can be a sign of water damage. Similarly, inspect the roof headliner for signs of water damage. Under the hood, check the oil to make sure that it looks clean. Muddy or murky oil can be an indicator of engine trouble, especially if the oil has been changed recently.

You’ve Got Options

At Northeast Car Connection, we have a vehicle under $20K for every type of buyer. If you’re looking for a rugged four-wheel-drive model, we’ll set you up with an SUV or pickup truck. Family-friendly sedans are another one of our specialties. You can even bring your kids along to make sure they have plenty of rear-seat legroom. Our used crossover selection is another family favorite. These models double down on both passenger comfort and sporty utility, giving you the best of both worlds.


No Cars Under $20K Buying Guide is complete without a few financing tips. We supply a variety of financing options right here at our dealership, so you can enjoy a one-stop purchasing experience. We even offer options for buyers with no credit or bad credit. Want to know what to expect before you hit the lot? No problem! Take a look at our finance department page, where you can get pre-approved and calculate your potential payment. No matter your situation, our goal is to help you drive off in the used car of your budget-friendly dreams.

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