One Owner Cars

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One-Owner Cars

One-Owner Cars

Experts generally agree – when you’re shopping the used market, one-owner cars are your best bet for a dependable ride. For a variety of reasons, they tend to be in better condition than those who have had multiple owners.

Why You Should Shop One-Owner Cars

Used cars that have only had one owner offer many advantages – whether these models are off-lease, repossessions, or former fleet cars. One-owner cars tend to be relatively new, which means they have a long future in front of them. These models will have lower mileage, and less overall wear-and-tear. That means they’ll be less likely to need costly repairs.

Checking Ownership History

To be sure you’re getting what you paid for, check your used model’s CARFAX report. This ownership history will tell you the number of previous owners, as well as listing any reported accidents. CARFAX reports are free, and dealerships often offer them as part of the shopping experience. And, if you have any questions about a particular vehicle’s ownership history, our experienced team members can help.

Find Your One-Owner Model

At Northeast Car Connection, we’ll help you find a one-owner model that works for you. In fact, dealers are often the best place to find one-owner cars, because they have access to off-lease vehicles or those purchased directly from banks. And, on our lot, there’s a little something for everyone. Four-wheel-drive pickup trucks add a little off-road adventure to your life. Family-friendly crossovers are spacious inside and easy to maneuver around town. With a compact car, you can make the most of your fuel tank.

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