Should You Buy a Minivan or an SUV for your Family?

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Should You Buy a Minivan or an SUV for your Family?

Should You Buy a Minivan or an SUV for your Family?

Should you buy a minivan or SUV for your family? Frankly, that depends on you and your family. Where do you like to go? What do you like to bring along for the ride? Both of these vehicles have a lot to offer, whether you’re taking your kids along for a day’s worth of errands or venturing into the mountains for a weekend of family fun. Still, if you’re struggling to decide between the two, our buying guide is here to help.

Minivan Life

In many ways, the minivan still reigns supreme as the ultimate family hauler. With three roomy rows of passenger space, everyone gets the head and leg room they need for a comfortable trip. Minivans even supply adult-friendly third-row seating, which you can’t always find in a three-row SUV. And, although it may be surprising, minivans actually offer the most cargo space. With timesaving features like push-button fold-down rear seats, it’s easy to load up the cabin with new furniture on a whim. Minivans provide smooth, comfortable rides, but they lack the power you get from an SUV, which means they can also provide enhanced fuel economy.

SUV Adventure

To pair family-friendly seating with off-road adventure, shop for a three-row SUV with four-wheel drive. This technology maximizes traction on soft surfaces – think sand, snow, or mud – so you can venture away from the pavement in style. SUVs are home to bigger powertrains, giving you the power to tow your fishing boat or Jet Skis wherever you please. Some three-row SUVs are powerful enough to handle your family camper, which means endless adventure for you and your clan. In any case, SUVs have significantly higher tow ratings than their minivan competitors.

The Overlap

Now that you know how SUVs and minivans differ, let’s explore what they have in common. Both put an emphasis on safety, often offering options like blind-spot alert and forward collision warning in newer models to help keep you vigilant. You may also find a range of infotainment technology and smartphone integration features, such as hands-free calling capabilities. Don’t forget the family-friendly features, like rear-seat entertainment systems with HDMI and USB connectivity. Many of these systems have dual screens, so one kid can play video games while the other watches her favorite DVDs.

Buyer’s Choice

When passenger and cargo space are high on your wish list, test-drive a few minivans. You’ll find that these models also provide a smooth, fuel-efficient ride. If you prefer to explore the off-road and bring your family camper along on vacations, you’ll appreciate the extra utility that SUVs provide. In the end, deciding between a minivan and SUV comes down to your personal preferences.

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