Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV for Your Family?

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Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV for Your Family?

Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV for Your Family?

Should you buy a truck or an SUV for your family? Both of these rugged vehicles combine towing and off-road capabilities with rich interior comfort, but which one you choose really depends on your family and what you like to do. In our comparison guide, we’ll go over some of the benefits of each model. That way, you can decide which vehicle works best for your family’s unique lifestyle.

Pickup Trucks: Who Needs Them?

Weekend Warrior Clans: If you need your rugged vehicle to be both work- and family-ready, a pickup truck with a crew cabin is an excellent choice. In a crew cabin, there are five seats with generous head- and legroom, so you can haul your whole family around in style. And, whether you’re traveling deep into the mountains or towing your boat to the beach, the truck bed offers plenty of space for your camping and sports gear. In modern trucks, you’ll find every kind of comfort feature you can dream up – including technology that was once only a staple of luxury cars, such as ventilated front seats and premium leather upholstery. That is to say that, if you want it, you’ll never be short of upscale style.

Equipment-Laden Adventurers: When it comes to towing and hauling, the pickup truck is the more capable choice. No matter which full-size truck floats your boat, you can bet it’s rated to tow heavier loads than any SUV alternative. If you’ve got a substantial camper or boat in your possession, you’ll likely need a truck to bring it along on your next family adventure. And, if your family gatherings tend to take place on surfboards or skis, a pickup truck makes it easy to haul all the necessary gear.

SUVs: Who Needs Them?

Comfort-Craving Clans: Although they can venture into off-road territory and tow your fishing boat around, SUVs are more smooth than rugged. While you can add any number of luxury features to a pickup truck, it’ll never be quite as smooth riding as an SUV, which is specially tuned for on-road comfort. In addition to an easygoing ride, SUV cabins take passenger comfort to new levels with two or three rows of spacious seating. Optional features, including rear-seat entertainment systems with video-game-ready HDMI ports and soft leather seating, are designed to keep your family content for hours on end.

Big Families: If you’ve got a big family, odds are they won’t fit in a pickup truck – not even one with a crew cabin. Full-size SUVs, on the other hand, offer space for up to eight passengers. Many of these models also provide kid-friendly extras, like rear-seat DVD players and Wi-Fi connectivity, so your road trips never feel like a chore.

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