Used Audis

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Used Audis

From luxury sedan to SUV, coupe to convertible, used Audis live up to their reputation for sleek style and speed. This prolific German automaker is at the top of its game, supplying a long list of high-end vehicles to suit demanding drivers. Check out our used buying guide to learn more about the brand’s most popular models.

Used Audi Q3 & Q5 & Q7

An upscale subcompact crossover, the Q3 reels in drivers who crave deluxe comfort and a silky smooth ride. You can’t talk about an Audi without relishing its outstanding cabin materials, and the Q3 is no different. As the smaller and less expensive alternative to the Q5, the Audi A3 is perfect for luxury-loving urban drivers on a budget.

The Audi Q5 is sharp and responsive – it feels like a luxury sedan, but adds extra cargo space for your hauling pleasure. Unlike a sedan, however, the Q5’s off-road capabilities make for a more adventurous ride. Inside, the Q5 maintains Audi’s reputation for rich interior style, with a long list of standard features.

Compared to competing three-row luxury crossovers, the Q7 sets the standard, with responsive power, agile handling, and handsome good looks, both inside and out. Inside, you’ll find world-class craftsmanship and richly appointed materials, such as leather upholstery.

Used Audi A3, A4, A6 & A8

Available as a sport sedan, hatchback, or convertible, the Audi A3 is an entry-level luxury car. Although its lower MSRP goes easier on your wallet, it doesn’t cuts corners, delivering tight-fitting cabin components and a precise, athletic ride. Everything about the A3 feels like it came from the top shelf, even if it actually saves you money on a luxury sedan.

The sporty A4 is a pleasure to drive – and in more ways than one. Settle into the cabin, and you’ll enjoy the sunroof, 10-speaker premium audio system, and leather upholstery that are standard on every A4 model. And, once you get going, it’s hard not to fall in love with the A4’s smooth, cushy ride.

The A6 is a mid-size sedan that’s known for both its luxury and its impressive value. With it, you get quite an upscale ride at a competitive price. True to Audi form, the A6 cabin uses only the finest materials, and even the base trim model is stacked with tech features, like an 8-inch display screen and keyless entry and ignition. Models from the modern generation feature a number of performance upgrades for an increasingly engaging ride.

Audi’s A8 is their flagship luxury liner, a full-size sedan that supplies an overdose of luxury and passenger space, also offers something that competitors do not. Its unique aluminum frame and body panels make it lighter than other full-size luxury sedans, so you can take the A8’s all-wheel-drive performance to its limits, sticking corners and zooming down winding roads in sporty style.

Used Audi R8

If you’re in the market for a two-seat mid-engine exotic sports car, the used Audi R8 provides an unforgettable experience – and high-end style to boot. As the German automaker’s highest-performing model, the R8 kicks up dust with a high-octane V8 or V10 engine. With up to 550 horsepower and sporty all-wheel drive, the highway is your oyster.

Used Audi TT

The Audi TT appeals to drivers of wealth and taste. Available as a coupe or roadster, the TT’s symmetric style helps it stand apart from other Audi models – and turn heads on the highway. This model is performance-oriented, with all-wheel drive and commendable handling for a spirited ride to work. Inside, the TT continues to break new ground, with a sleek, ergonomic cabin design and rich comfort features, including leather upholstery and a 12-speaker Bose premium audio system.

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