Used AWD Vehicles

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Used AWD Vehicles

Used AWD Vehicles

This winter, don’t lose your footing – shop used all-wheel-drive vehicles for a safe, sporty ride. All-wheel-drive technology is the perfect solution to icy, snowy weather, supplying the traction you need on slick roads. It also adds athleticism to your daily ride, giving you extra grip as you swing around corners and down winding roads. Check out our guide to used all-wheel-drive cars for more information on how this technology works and where you can find it.

All-Wheel-Drive Technology Works for You

In an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the transmission sends power to all four wheels. With old-school all-wheel drive, the transmission divides power between the two axles, often splitting torque output with a 60/40 ratio from front to back. Modern systems can detect slippage and send power to the axle or individual wheel that needs it. Often, these all-wheel-drive systems stay in front-wheel-drive mode until they detect slippage, when they automatically swing into action.

Bolstering Your Safety

Why does this technology matter? By sending power to the wheels that have lost their footing, all-wheel drive helps keep you from getting stuck in the mud or skidding over icy pavement. If you get stuck on the highway during a snowstorm, this technology maximizes driver control and helps you avoid costly accidents. AWD crossovers are also designed to handle light trails, so you can tow your boat into campgrounds with ease.

Your All-Wheel-Drive Ride

If you look, you can find used all-wheel-drive vehicles in every segment. For starters, sporty crossover vehicles typically offer this technology as an option, making it easy to find such models on used lots. Full-size family sedans often provide this technology as well, so you can count on a safe ride through a rainy school drop-off line. Luxury nameplates typically offer a high-tech version of this technology. For example, the Mercedes-Benz all-wheel-drive system, known as 4Matic, can detect slippage in any wheel and send extra power to that wheel alone. The entire Subaru lineup famously comes standard with all-wheel drive, which is why this maker is so popular in wet northern climates.

Finance Your All-Wheel Drive Vehicle Today

At Northeast Car Connection, we can help you maximize winter safety. We offer a range of financing plans – including some for drivers with bad credit or no credit. Call or visit our finance department for more information on how you can buy a used AWD crossover or sedan.

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