Used Cadillac

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Used Cadillac

Used Cadillac

In a used Cadillac, you’ll be on-road royalty, reaping all the rewards that a smooth, quiet ride and rich leather upholstery can bring. This automaker brings the heat with a range of cars and crossovers designed to turn heads on the highway. With proper maintenance, your used Cadillac will perform at peak levels for years to come.

Why Buy a Used Cadillac?

When you’re shopping the used Cadillac lot, you’ll find no shortage of options. Stylish buyers can’t go wrong in the used Cadillac Escalade, a rugged on-road presence that combines three rows of passenger space with a strong performance. If you own a huge boat or some other heavy machinery, you’re in luck – the Escalade tows up to 8,300 pounds. The SRX is a mid-size crossover that provides a commuter-friendly experience, with long-term comfort and sharp handling for cramped city traffic. In a used Cadillac CTS, you’ll enjoy that coveted luxury experience, including a floaty ride and plush seating. This mid-size sedan is stocked with modern luxuries – in recent models, you’ll find LED interior ambient lighting and cozy heated seats.

Are Cadillacs Expensive?

Cadillac offers some of the finest luxury vehicles on the road, and their price tags reflect their world-class cabins and powertrains. That said, a brand new ATS Sedan has an MSRP of only $34,595. If you’re looking for a great deal on the flagship Escalade SUV, the used market is a great place to start.

Do Cadillacs Last Long?

With proper maintenance, your Cadillac will keep on trucking for years on end – decades even. Many Cadillac aficionados drive their models well past the 200,000-mile marker.

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