Used Ford

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Used Ford

Used Ford

Shopping for a used Ford certainly has its perks – especially if you’re looking for options. This automaker is known for its thrifty, powerful engines, roomy cabins, and, best of all, dependable performance. There’s a used Ford for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly road-trip trooper or a thrifty hatchback for commuting, you’ve picked the right automaker.

The Ford moniker spans the breadth of available models, from its high-performance luxury sports car, the Ford GT, to its durable workhorse, the bestselling Ford F-150 pickup truck. In between, you’ll find family-friendly sedans, like the Fusion, as well as thrifty hatchbacks, like the Fiesta. Sporty crossovers, like the Edge and Escape, are perfect for family getaways. Three-row SUVs, like the used Ford Explorer, offer enough space for big families and plenty of boat-towing utility.

Why is Ford Better?

Through the years, Ford has maintained the highest standards in quality and service. Unlike its Detroit competitors, Ford powered through the recession without taking taxpayer bailout money. The company’s full-size truck, the F-150, has been America’s bestselling vehicle for decades on end. Shoppers know that Ford cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs deliver the value and reliability they crave.

The brand also offers a wide range of options, so you can tailor your Ford to perfection. For instance, Mustang shoppers can choose from a variety of engines for increased horsepower. F-150 drivers can increase fuel economy with Ford’s unique EcoBoost engines, which balance smooth power with modern efficiency.

Do Ford Explorers Hold their Value?

In the mid-size SUV segment, the Ford Explorer holds its value on par with competitors. Before you purchase your Explorer, consider your driving habits alongside its EPA ratings. Make sure the cost of owning an Explorer fits into your budget.

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