Used Nissan

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Used Nissan

Used Nissan

Nissan produces a wide range of dependable vehicles, from family-friendly crossovers to brawny pickup trucks to fuel-efficient hatchbacks. With any model, Nissan always aims for highest standards in quality, which makes the brand a great pick for used buyers. There’s a used Nissan for just about every kind of driver. And, no matter what kind you are, you’ll enjoy all-encompassing benefits, like dependable engines and world-class safety features.

What Nissan Models are Popular Used Options?

As you shop for your used Nissan, you’ll find a lot to like in popular models like the Versa Note hatchback and Titan pickup truck. The former saves you money on gas ( and the latter supplies serious towing and hauling power. Used Nissan crossovers – including the bestselling Rogue – are a big hit with families. In these, everyone enjoys spacious seating and cutting-edge infotainment features to keep even young passengers happily occupied for hours.

Is Nissan a Good Car Brand?

The short answer is yes. Used Nissan models are an excellent choice, because the brand has a well-earned reputation for reliability. It’s a myth that a reliable car has to be expensive. These models supply a strong, dependable performance at a price anyone can afford. Recent used Nissan models also offer all the latest in safety technology.

How Does the Nissan CVT Work?

Nissan’s continuously variable transmission, known as the XTRONIC CVT, was designed for a smooth, fuel-efficient ride. A continuously variable transmission is a type of automatic transmission that gets its name because it shifts through a continuous range of gear ratios. By contrast, a traditional automatic transmission features a fixed number of gear ratios. Instead of using fixed ratios, a CVT allows your engine to run at whatever revolution per minute (rpm) is most efficient for any given situation. Whether you’re speeding onto a highway or jetting it from stoplight to stoplight, a CVT is engineered for fuel efficiency.

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