Used Toyota Prius Buying Guide

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Used Toyota Prius Buying Guide

Used Toyota Prius Buying Guide

Shopping for a used Toyota Prius presents a unique opportunity to save money on one of the thriftiest hybrids on the road. By shopping the used market, you’ll save money on the overall cost of a car, and, by shopping for a Prius, you’ll save big at the pump. Read on to discover the different Prius models and what each one has to offer.

Used Toyota Prius

Fuel savings don’t get much better than in the Toyota Prius. Depending on model year and trim, the original Prius earns up to 58 city/53 highway mpg. That’s quite impressive, even for a hybrid hatchback. These models are also practical, delivering generous passenger and cargo space for your weekend getaways. With so little road or engine noise to intrude on the cabin, you and your friends can gossip, unimpeded, all the way to your far-off destination.

Used Toyota Prius C

The Prius C expands upon everything drivers love about the original Prius – excellent fuel economy, nimble handling – with smaller, more urban-friendly dimensions. It’s the right pick for downtown commuters and big-city socialites, making it easier to fit into smallish parallel parking spaces and zip around sharp corners. It also helps you get your money’s worth at the pump, earning up to 53/46 mpg, depending on model year.

Used Toyota Prius Prime

The Prius Prime is a unique option for eco-minded buyers who want to bridge the gap between regular hybrids, (like the original Prius) which uses a battery-powered motor in conjunction with a regular gasoline engine. and all-electric vehicles (like the Nissan Leaf). That is, the Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. It has a bigger battery than what you’ll find in the Prius, and it offers enough battery power to drive up to 25 miles on battery alone. The Prime model is also unique in that you can connect it to either a 120-volt wall outlet or a 240-volt Level 2 EV charger. You can significantly reduce gas consumption simply by plugging it in and charging the battery at home. It’s EPA-rated for 133 MPGe combined in electric and gasoline driving, or 54 mpg combined during gasoline-only drives.

Used Toyota Prius V

The Prius V is much like the original Toyota Prius, with one major difference: the Prius V’s wagon-style body. In it, you’ll enjoy expanded cargo space and impressive hip, head, and leg room. With so much extra passenger space, it’s an excellent choice for parents who commute to work during the week and, on weekends, pack up the entire family for some road-trip adventure. This wagon-style hybrid is also great on gas, earning 43 city/39 highway mpg.

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