Why a Used SUV is a Smart Choice

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Why a Used SUV is a Smart Choice

Why a Used SUV is a Smart Choice

Buying a used SUV is a smart choice for adventure-seeking families on a budget. It’s hard to argue with the SUV’s penchant for passenger space, rugged utility, and family-friendly comfort and safety. Read on for an in-depth look at why an SUV is right for you.

Budget-Friendly Value

Skip the new models – by buying used, you can save thousands on the cost of your next SUV. Since vehicles see the steepest depreciation rates in the first few years, you can get a great deal on a fairly new model.

Cabin Space

Full-size SUVs offer three rows of roomy seating, with accommodations for between seven and nine passengers. If you can’t go anywhere without the entire gang, these models are for you. However, not everyone needs all that space. You can still enjoy all the perks of SUV ownership in a midsize crossover with room for five passengers.

Rugged Performance

Body-on-frame SUVs are rugged beasts, towing huge boats and horse trailers with the best of them. Tow ratings depend on model and equipment, but you can generally expect big things from full-size, truck-based SUVs. Midsize crossover SUVs typically have about half the towing power, but they transport your Jet Skis and four-wheelers out into the wilderness with ease.


Four-wheel-drive SUVs will take you deep into the mountains, but they’ll also deliver a smooth ride around town. They’re also family-ready, with impressive head and leg room for your whole brood. Modern tech features, like rear-seat DVD players, help you keep the little ones entertained – no matter how long it takes to get to grandmother’s house.

Modern Safety

These days, you’ll find all manner of safety equipment on the used lot. Modern SUVs typically come standard with anti-lock brakes and traction and stability control, so you can navigate bad weather with cool composure. But you’ll also find a range of high-tech safety aids, designed to let you know if there’s a thoughtless driver lurking in your blind spot or tell you when you need to apply the brakes to avoid an accident. Some models will even automatically apply the brakes on your behalf, mitigating damages.

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